Piratas do Pau is the Mozambican brand of creative studio Abdesign which combines the design and production of unique products with skills development and job creation of young Mozambican craftsman and artisans. Piratas do Pau designs and makes hand-made products using local and modern techniques and locally sourced materials often recycled, while providing young Mozambicans with training, a fair living and access to more opportunities.

We work in the following areas:


Pdp designs and develops it’s own lines of unique furniture, lamps and other products for the mozambican market. We also offer the service of custom made design for special projects and interior design.


We have an equipped workshop for woodwork and metal work where we employ 12 craftsman and 3 support personal to produce our products of quality.


Pdp with the support of GIZ has developed an extensive training program for young mozambican craftsman, artisans and designers. This training program of a year incorporates learning in the daily production progress giving young mozambicans the option to learn modern techniques, design, entrepreneurship and creativity while earning a living. After the program the youngsters are able to develop their own products which will cater to wide clientele and give an option opposed to the imported often of bad quality products sold everywhere in Maputo.

In the coming years PdP aims to set up satellite workshops around Mozambique run by ex-students to give these youngsters the options to develop there skills further and train other young people.

In 2014 Piratas do Pau joined forces with AHD (NGO with expertise in vocational training and socio economic reintegration) and a vocational training centre located in Maputo. This partnership creates a unique training & social business model in which training and production join forces to create a sustainable synergy!